To Be a Casting Assistant

At an audition this week, I noticed a repetitive scene playing out in the casting room adjacent to the one I was waiting to enter.

Door swings ajar.

CASTING ASSISTANT steps out to summon the next ACTOR.

ACTOR enters as ASSISTANT closes the door behind him.

Thirty seconds pass.

Door swings ajar as CASTING DIRECTOR and ACTOR exchange the usual post-audition niceties:

               Thanks, thanks so much, thanks for coming in, thanks.

ACTOR leaves, hastily.

Door remains ajar for ten seconds while we see ASSISTANT drop to her knees.  She picks Corn Flakes up off of the carpeted floor.  The task seems tedious and frustrating.  A box of Corn Flakes stands on a table, inside the room.

CASTING DIRECTOR speaks from off:

                You missed one, there.

ASSISTANT picks up one last Corn Flake.

ASSISTANT stands, swipes Corn Flakes from her hand into the cereal box.

ASSISTANT enters Lobby and summons the next ACTOR.


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