Only in Hollywood: Catwoman Pepper Sprays Jack Sparrow

My friend posted this video to facebook with the status “watch the video. then you will understand why it’s worth the arsons, winds and decapitations…”

She’s speaking, of course, of Hollywood, and I agree completely. Beneath the dust created by arson fires and then kicked up by the Santa Anas that scatter about sometimes bizarre, sometimes ghastly but infrequent crimes, there lies a city dense in character and always animated with fantastically unexpected affairs.

Below is the interview that KTLA5 did with Spiderman about an alleged incident involving Catwoman, pepper spray, and Jack Sparrow.  The best surprise here is Spiderman’s voice.  In full costume, he speaks to news anchor Eric Spillman, his weak, slightly lilted voice explaining the dynamics that take place between the characters on Hollywood Blvd.

Click the image to watch the video.

Here are some great tidbits:
Eric Spillman: “Other people say it was actually Ozzy Osbourne, and not the pirate . . . and what about the report we have of an alien also being involved here and that the alien and the Ozzy Osbourne character were intoxicated?”
Spiderman: “Yeah, that’s true, they are best buddies.”
Eric Spillman: “I did reach Catwoman by phone . . . she told me she wasn’t the catwoman who pepper-sprayed here.  She says it was the crazy catwoman.”

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