Hosting Hollywood

Two days after The Oscars, I filmed a segment for StyleHaul right in front of The Kodak. I spoke about the uncertain future of the theatre and the Academy, about the history of the Babylonian Arch, and referred, tongue-in-cheek, to my pursuit of a career in acting.

Filming at Hollywood and Highland filled me with a sense of pride for the place where I live, and made me feel even further attached to it, because now I’ve spoken on camera about my passion for it, and I’ve had a crowd gathered round, watching and listening. Made up mostly of tourists, they now know that Kodak is removing its name from the theatre, and that the arch is a reference to the history of the site.
I have no intention of becoming a tour guide or docent for Hollywood, but I would so love to host a local Globe Trekker-type show. Maybe I’ll become the next generation Huell Howser.
That’d be the dream.

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