The Fashion District

Ninety degrees on a Tuesday in March. Fruit vendors slicing into watermelons and sliding sticks through mango slices. Rows of colorful trinkets and accessories, neon blouses blowing in the breeze, glittering fabrics catching the sun, none too-shy shop proprietors shouting “Ten for ten dollars! Get it all here!”

It’s a colorful of discounts and deals. It’s called The Fashion District.

Santee Alley is a narrow alley off of Santee Street filled with over 150 stores selling everything from discount nail polishes to designer knock-off shoes and warehouse clothing. I scored a neon Forever 21 blouse for $15, and had to seriously restrain myself from buying a bunch of $8 metal watches. They were really cool, but I just don’t need anymore watches.

I was there to film an episode of The Haul for StyleHaul. I wanted to stay and absorb the atmosphere, drink in all of its frenzy. I think it’s time to go on a vacation – I mean, a staycation.

Watch The Haul here:

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