Don’t Go, Huell Howser.

The LA Times reports that Huell Howser is retiring.  If don’t believe I’ve ever heard sadder news for local California television.

Huell Howser, with his exuberant, Southern, every-man accent, easily wondered over California’s unique natural, historical, and entertainment/tourism sites.  He traveled all over the state with a small film crew, exclaiming in his odd way over every thing imaginable.  His enthusiasm for otherwise fairly ordinary things, “A HOT DOG on a STICK!” always caused me to smile so big my cheeks would hurt.

There are rumors that he is ill, and as he is only 67 years old, I certainly hope the rumors are false.  Huell Howser goes hand in hand with California’s sunny skies, bright horizons, and colorful characters. Please never stop doing the work you’re doing Huell. And if you’re ill, please, I beg you, get better.

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