Self-Will and the Weather Report

I checked the weather report on my iPhone this morning, like I do every morning. The high was under 70 degrees, and I thought, perfect. I could wear a long-sleeved shirt, slacks, and a blazer – the semi-professional look needed for the audition I’d be […]

Hosting Hollywood

Two days after The Oscars, I filmed a segment for StyleHaul right in front of The Kodak. I spoke about the uncertain future of the theatre and the Academy, about the history of the Babylonian Arch, and referred, tongue-in-cheek, to my pursuit of a career […]

To Be a Casting Assistant

At an audition this week, I noticed a repetitive scene playing out in the casting room adjacent to the one I was waiting to enter. Door swings ajar. CASTING ASSISTANT steps out to summon the next ACTOR. ACTOR enters as ASSISTANT closes the door behind […]

I’ve Played High School

I told a commercial agent today that my age range as an actor starts at sixteen. As I said it, I hoped he wasn’t noticing the wrinkle between my eyes. It’s the only telling sign of my true age. My friend’s sister had a wrinkle […]

A Day in Reality

Part I. I drove to the front of the building and sat in my idling car, amused and somewhat perplexed. Before me, on an otherwise perfectly suburban block in Van Nuys, California stood an old-western town square with a saloon. The rotting, weathered wooden structure […]