The Brewery Artwalk

The Brewery Artwalk

This weekend, The Brewery Arts Complex opened its doors and its artists opened their doors therein, for the spring edition of its open studios. I attended my first Brewery ArtWalk shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2008. I was blown away by the sheer […]

Free Run Days

I spend most of my days working in an office. I enjoy the work I do, but I do not enjoy being inside. I want to create a life in which I work – that is write, act, or some other creative activity – primarily […]

Silent World

Cour carrée du Louvre Place de l’Opera Place Montparnasse Columbus Circle Sixth Avenue Speaking of Obscure Cities . . . “Silent World” is a series of photographs from Paris-based photographers Lucie and Simon. From New York and Paris to Beijing and Italy, these photographs are […]

VIP Oscar Party

I have never been to the Oscars.  Nor have I been to a pre-Oscar industry party.  I want, badly, to attend both such things.  In the meantime, though, I enjoy being a resident of Hollywood during awards season, and witnessing, if only peripherally, the excitement. […]

Space Porn Mafia

I’d love your suggestions for this pitch to Joss Whedon.  Please watch, and leave a comment on the video!

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I’ve often speculated about the De Avila Elementary school on Haight street. It has a striking facade, vibrant and colorful, but it seemed to sit empty, abandoned. Turns out the elementary school was axed by the Board of Education after the 2004 – 2005 school […]

Too Much to Do

There is never enough time to do all there is to do in this city. Here are just a few of the recent events that have moved across my line of vision: 365 Plays/365 Days Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright Suzan Lori-Parks wrote a play a day […]

Making Art a Priority

Arts Forum exists to lift arts and culture into the forefront of public policy. Recently, Arts Forum developed a survey for all San Francisco supervisors up for re-election, to gauge their commitment to the arts. Read the results here.

Something San Francisco Needs

I’ve had some conversations recently about what the San Francisco live art scene lacks. There are many local theatre companies, and several theatre houses. But there is no central hub. For avant-garde theatre lovers, New York City is the place to be. One doesn’t need […]