City History

Don’t Go, Huell Howser.

The LA Times reports that Huell Howser is retiring.  If don’t believe I’ve ever heard sadder news for local California television. Huell Howser, with his exuberant, Southern, every-man accent, easily wondered over California’s unique natural, historical, and entertainment/tourism sites.  He traveled all over the state with a small film […]


Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Associated Press Endeavour started at NASA.  It went to space several times over several years. Then it went back to NASA, before it was shipped to LAX and did some fly-overs over landmarks across the nation including Griffith Park and Hollywood, […]

Vintage Photo: Hollywood Truck

Photograph of Vine St and Homewood Avenue in Hollywood, 1952. Oh, I mean, 2012.  As in, yesterday, on my daily lunch time stroll through the neighborhood. My dad knows cars. He can tell a car’s make, model, and year with just a quick glance. I’m […]

Hollywood by Helicopter 1958

The folks over at LAist unearthed this one. Hollywood Gold, I say.  Kitty, a movie star-hopeful goes on a helicopter tour of 1958 Hollywood, accompanied by a cheeky narrator.  They float over all the studios, the Capitol Records building, the Griffith Observatory, and the corner […]

Reverence to Parking

Our landlord took down the garages of our 90 year old building a few months ago.  The garages were small, three connected rectangular boxes housed in a cute little barn-like structure.  Each unit had double barn doors, and a parking space in front. We used […]

Depression Era Los Angeles

The following photographs were taken by Herman J. Schultheis, a Disney engineer around the time of Fantasia, Pinocchio, Bambi, and Dumbo. The complete slideshow, as well as a brief background on Schultheis is at The Huffington Post. Employee of the New York Millinery in Downtown L.A. […]