City politics

Ya Voté por Los Angeles

Voting day is tomorrow! It’s the primary nominating election, in which we’ll choose who will be the next candidates for Mayor (I’ve never known LA without Villaraigosa, so that’ll be weird), decide on a few new city council candidates, and sift through some ballot measures. […]

The Millennium Hollywood

The Millennium Hollywood

There are stretches of parking lot in Hollywood. (If you know Hollywood at all, you just rolled your eyes as you read that. Duh, a lot of Hollywood is parking lot.) The stretches of which I speak surround the Capitol Records building. Imagine turning these […]

2013 Wishful Predictions

Happy New Year, Everybody! I had a long, and much needed holiday vacation.  A thing about me: when I go on vacation, I really go on vacation.  I disconnect completely and cease all productivity.  Hence, the long delay in my posting here. But I’m back! […]

A Vision of Future Weekends

A Vision of Future Weekends

The weekend greets me with yellow sunlight splashing through my eastern facing windows.  It’s, as always, a beautiful day out there, and I envision, along with my lazy morning, a slow few days of late brunches, leisurely wandering, people watching, window shopping, coffee dates. This […]

History of The Kodak

History in Hollywood takes no time to build.  The Kodak Theatre is is just over 11 years old, and was designed to be a permanent home for the Academy Awards.  Kodak’s contract has them paying $75 million over 20 years for the privilege of having its […]

Some Thoughts on Occupy LA

Los Angeles suffers from a dearth of green space. Occupy LA was evicted, and the lawn around City Hall is now a wasteland of dirt and debris.  Surfaces have been tagged with graffiti, and according to NBC, some of the debris is contaminated with urine […]

Los Angeles Metro Regional Connector

I am a fan of public transportation, but particularly of public transportation that works.  For it to work, it needs to be efficient, timely, and expansive – that is, it needs to cover the majority of a city, so that folks of all demographics, from […]

“San Francisco Values”

During the Gold Rush, San Francisco was known as a place of debauchery: greed, gambling, brothels and crime. An early Las Vegas, if you will. Today, San Francisco is known as a place of peace and love: cultural diversity, social acceptance, progressive ideals, and urban […]

Making Art a Priority

Arts Forum exists to lift arts and culture into the forefront of public policy. Recently, Arts Forum developed a survey for all San Francisco supervisors up for re-election, to gauge their commitment to the arts. Read the results here.

Police Foot Patrols

Board of Supervisor’s Hearing today: City Hall, Room 263Monday, October 2, 200610:00 AMRegular Meeting Police Foot Patrols Ordinance adopting Section 10A.1 of the San Francisco Administrative Code to establish a one-year pilot program requiring foot patrols in crime-impacted areas within the boundaries of Northern Park, […]