Mom’s Apartment

Mom’s Apartment

1618 Vista Del Mar reads a hand-written note tacked to the bulletin board above my desk. I only write notes by hand. I had a roommate once who would type notes – reminders, to-do lists, quotes – and then color childlike borders on them with […]



On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I drive to Pacoima, in the San Fernando Valley. From Hollywood, it’s only 15 minutes in good traffic. I teach theatre at a charter school there twice a week. The air is hot and dusty in Pacoima, the streets are wide, […]

A Piece of Information

A Piece of Information

The heat wave has broken, and we’ve all gotten back to work. Fewer beach trips, vacations over, barbecues past. Just last week I was on a mad hunt for an air conditioner, and when I learned that there were none left to buy in the […]


My heart has been heavy since this morning, when I first received news of Boston. I’ve tweeted and Facebooked about it several times, I think as a way to release some of the overwhelming emotion. The thoughts I’ve shared have all been alike: love to […]

A Collection of Towns

It is colder in Culver City than Hollywood, and less sunny, generally. I take the bus and the train in the mornings, and as I travel, I feel the degrees falling away, see the fog hanging down. Downtown Culver City bustles with pedestrians. People walking […]

2013 Wishful Predictions

Happy New Year, Everybody! I had a long, and much needed holiday vacation.  A thing about me: when I go on vacation, I really go on vacation.  I disconnect completely and cease all productivity.  Hence, the long delay in my posting here. But I’m back! […]

A Food Tour of New York

After my too-brief weekend in NYC, I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite city eats. Despite common belief, New York ought not be experienced solely inside the Michelin rated restaurants of Wolfgang Puck and Mario Batali. No, the real New York […]

Holiday Travelers

Back in August, my husband and I missed a flight from LAX to SLC, due to no fault of our own. The fault laid squarely on the airport and it’s Soviet-era security lines. Just last week, L.A. Business Journal reported that LAX is the second-most stressful airport […]

Busy in Paradise

I’ve registered for the Malibu International Half Marathon.  Look at this course. Beautiful. I imagine that the running will be a breeze alongside the paradisical views of the PCH.  And then I remember that I currently struggle to run more than four miles straight through. […]

Mapping a Life in LA

It’s a vastly different life, this one, and I’ve lived a lot of them.  Possessing, as I do, a devotion to creativity, as well as a pre-occupation with steady paychecks, I’ve traversed a lot of ground, mapped many routes. My legs are sore from all […]