The Exercise of Meandering

I wrote about walking recently, and it’s been on my mind a lot. On my mind, because it isn’t in my life as much as is necessary to not think about it. Some years ago, I would alter my after-work journey home with the errands […]

A Pool of Nostalgia

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping.  I blame it alternately on anxiety and muscle pain. A few nights a week, I lie in bed, a tired person trapped in an awake body.  On nights like these, I often don’t fall asleep until four or five o’clock […]

Closing the Distance with an LA Summer

My parents live in Salt Lake City, Utah. When I lived in New York City, I often lost sleep over how much I missed them. The distance was too great, and it burrowed a hole in my heart that let the wind in at night. […]

Independence Day

I am a distinctly summer girl. This season is, without a doubt, my favorite, and I look cynically upon those who deny it’s superiority over the other three. I also maintain a very sunny disposition toward the Fourth of July.  There are cryptic memes on […]

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Many readers have emailed me with questions about how to become a writer. To answer their questions, I made a brief but informative tutorial: How to be a Writer. Watch it below.

A Vision of Future Weekends

A Vision of Future Weekends

The weekend greets me with yellow sunlight splashing through my eastern facing windows.  It’s, as always, a beautiful day out there, and I envision, along with my lazy morning, a slow few days of late brunches, leisurely wandering, people watching, window shopping, coffee dates. This […]

Self-Will and the Weather Report

I checked the weather report on my iPhone this morning, like I do every morning. The high was under 70 degrees, and I thought, perfect. I could wear a long-sleeved shirt, slacks, and a blazer – the semi-professional look needed for the audition I’d be […]

Silent World

Cour carrée du Louvre Place de l’Opera Place Montparnasse Columbus Circle Sixth Avenue Speaking of Obscure Cities . . . “Silent World” is a series of photographs from Paris-based photographers Lucie and Simon. From New York and Paris to Beijing and Italy, these photographs are […]

VIP Oscar Party

I have never been to the Oscars.  Nor have I been to a pre-Oscar industry party.  I want, badly, to attend both such things.  In the meantime, though, I enjoy being a resident of Hollywood during awards season, and witnessing, if only peripherally, the excitement. […]

History of The Kodak

History in Hollywood takes no time to build.  The Kodak Theatre is is just over 11 years old, and was designed to be a permanent home for the Academy Awards.  Kodak’s contract has them paying $75 million over 20 years for the privilege of having its […]