Public Transit

Again About Transit

My old apartment was half a mile from the Hollywood/Western station. My new house is over one and a half miles from the Vermont/Beverly station. Too far to walk for a typical commute, but I will not be unfazed.  For my commute to Culver City, […]

The Exercise of Meandering

I wrote about walking recently, and it’s been on my mind a lot. On my mind, because it isn’t in my life as much as is necessary to not think about it. Some years ago, I would alter my after-work journey home with the errands […]

A Vision of Future Weekends

A Vision of Future Weekends

The weekend greets me with yellow sunlight splashing through my eastern facing windows.  It’s, as always, a beautiful day out there, and I envision, along with my lazy morning, a slow few days of late brunches, leisurely wandering, people watching, window shopping, coffee dates. This […]

Los Angeles Metro Regional Connector

I am a fan of public transportation, but particularly of public transportation that works.  For it to work, it needs to be efficient, timely, and expansive – that is, it needs to cover the majority of a city, so that folks of all demographics, from […]