The City Observed

LA State Historic Park

LA State Historic Park

As I’ve said before, over and over again, Los Angeles lacks parks. But, we’re slowly getting better. This weekend, the city of Los Angeles opened 36 acres of new park space, on historic land. The opening of The Los Angeles State Historic Park, situated on […]

The Razzies: The Worst (Best) Award Show in Hollywood

The Razzies: The Worst (Best) Award Show in Hollywood

The night before the Academy Awards in Hollywood, the historic Palace Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles opened its doors to an audience of no-names and non-celebrities to award Hollywood’s worst with the not-so-coveted Razzie Award. The audience was eclectic, some dressed in typical evening attire, […]

The City Prolific: Weekend Events Jan 18 – 20

The weather is back to normal, and some people are rejoicing. Others, like me, are reluctant to turn their backs on winter. Having to re-adapt my wardrobe to 80 degree weather is a project. I went for a walk today, along Santa Monica between Gower […]

First Friday of the Year – Hollywood, St. Germaine, Fuku Burger, Strangers

First Friday of the Year – Hollywood, St. Germaine, Fuku Burger, Strangers

Joseph was excited about the weekend. He was IM’ing me every second of the last hour of the work day with ideas about our evening plans, and he finally, decisively declared that he wanted “burgers, Manhattans, and video games”.  I suggested the usual: Stout, Umami, […]

The City Observed: Tony’s Saloon

I asked for a Red Hook cocktail with Bulleit Rye, but the bartender suggested something else. A Red Car Named Desire is made with rye, luxardo, and cassis, with a peel of lemon. At first taste, it was too sweet for my liking, but it […]

The City Observed: Thrillist’s Punch Crawl – (Los Angeles Roars On)

During the week of Zooey Deschanel and Pat Morrison’s war of words over Downtown LA, two opportunities arose to experience the wonders of the metropolitan center of the city. The first was the Thrillist Bols Genever Punch Crawl on Wednesday night, and the second was […]

The City Observed: Cafe Culture

I’ve always had a thing for cafes. It began in high school, with a search for a personal identity. (That’s an interesting time in a teenager’s life – her first unaccompanied forays into social activities. What one chooses to do, where one chooses to go, […]

The City Observed: Katsuya

Katsuya is a trendy Japanese restaurant on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.  It is often the backdrop of paparazzi photos and videos featuring the likes of Mark Wahlberg or Charlie Sheen exiting its large glass doors and gliding into their fancy cars at the […]

The City Observed: Wilshire Spa

It had been an extreme winter. I’m not referring to the weather – I live in LA; I’m referring to life and activity. October through December saw a mess of meetings, obligations, rehearsals, online marketing, offline networking, panic attacks and meltdowns, all in preparation for […]