The City Escaped | Grandeur Peak, Salt Lake City

The City Escaped | Grandeur Peak, Salt Lake City

In Los Angeles, I hike. Living in East Hollywood, my most accessible trails are Griffith Park, Beachwood Canyon, Runyon Canyon, and Fryman Canyon. All are in the heart of the city, but allow me to climb above it, spying some nature along the way. When […]

The City Escaped | Skiing Utah

The City Escaped | Skiing Utah

I’m not just from Utah, I am of Utah. Utah is more than my home; it is my heart and hearth. I carry it in my blood, my skin, and my mind. Though I haven’t lived there full-time in twenty years, I’m proud and grateful […]

Don’t Go, Huell Howser.

The LA Times reports that Huell Howser is retiring.  If don’t believe I’ve ever heard sadder news for local California television. Huell Howser, with his exuberant, Southern, every-man accent, easily wondered over California’s unique natural, historical, and entertainment/tourism sites.  He traveled all over the state with a small film […]

Ready, Set, Run!

Remember when I wrote about my Free Run Days?  The product of that endeavor is now realized.  Watch it here:

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Many readers have emailed me with questions about how to become a writer. To answer their questions, I made a brief but informative tutorial: How to be a Writer. Watch it below.

The Fashion District

Ninety degrees on a Tuesday in March. Fruit vendors slicing into watermelons and sliding sticks through mango slices. Rows of colorful trinkets and accessories, neon blouses blowing in the breeze, glittering fabrics catching the sun, none too-shy shop proprietors shouting “Ten for ten dollars! Get […]

Hosting Hollywood

Two days after The Oscars, I filmed a segment for StyleHaul right in front of The Kodak. I spoke about the uncertain future of the theatre and the Academy, about the history of the Babylonian Arch, and referred, tongue-in-cheek, to my pursuit of a career […]

Space Porn Mafia

I’d love your suggestions for this pitch to Joss Whedon.  Please watch, and leave a comment on the video!

Only in Hollywood: Catwoman Pepper Sprays Jack Sparrow

My friend posted this video to facebook with the status “watch the video. then you will understand why it’s worth the arsons, winds and decapitations…” She’s speaking, of course, of Hollywood, and I agree completely. Beneath the dust created by arson fires and then kicked […]

How to Knit an Afghan

It’s a simple thing to do, as I demonstrate in this video: